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My Beehive is featured in The Daily Mail

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My Beehive have been featured in The Daily Mail. This recognition in the national media means so much and goes so far in helping solidify how far we've come. We hope you...

My Beehive is buzzing – How to help women undergoing IVF

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This month My Beehive has been all over the web. We’ve been featured and reviewed. Our feature in Good Housekeeping is all about what women experiencing fertility treatment need YOU to know. It’s about how to support your loved ones as they go through IVF, helping them lean on you and…

The IVF Technology Boom

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I recently wrote a short article for the Hippocratic Post, which focusses on how Technology is changing the world of IVF. Please post your comments in the feed below. Why IVF technology is a boon   Why IVF technology is a boon

My opinion of the BBC’s Panorama special on Infertitlit

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If any of you watched the Panorama program about add-ons offered by many clinics, then please read my response to it here. I would love to hear your responses to the Panorama special too, so please leave your thoughts below. Saskia Boujo on BBC’s Panorama – Inside Britain’s Fertility Business…

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