Everything you need to know to guide you through your fertility treatment

Perhaps you’ve already started treatment, or you’re just thinking about it. We are here to help you through this , no matter what stage you’re at.


We know all too well what a daunting and overwhelming time this can be, so we’re offering you a helping hand along the way. People who have been through fertility treatment often mention that the most difficult part of it is accepting that we have little control, or even total loss of control during treatment.

We are very much left in the hands of the Fertility Clinic, who do a great job covering all things medical. This Support Service will help you to regain some sense of ownership over what the Clinic doesn’t offer: nutritional and emotional support. Taking back the control of what is happening to your body, whilst keeping your mind on track too.

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 What we offer

  • An IVF Calendar : a visual tool to help illustrate where you are now and where you are going.

  • Weekly meal planners for the different phases of your treatment (your pre-IVF cleanse and the stimulation phase)

  • Motivational email and a survival guide to help you through the difficult two week wait.

  • Over 15 hints and tips, including recipe cards, yoga postures, breathing techniques, all  sent to you by email at crucial times of your cycle with gentle reminders about what you should be doing.

  • A 20% discount on our IVF Kit, available here.

Tailored support for your fertility treatment

Get the support you need as and when you need it. We’ll set up a custom set of emails and reminders tailored to your cycle. Along the way we’ll offer you the chance to get extra support as and when you need it.


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